“Anything for y…

“Anything for young people without the young people is intentionally against young people.” ‎#AYCS2013

  • Intelligence is a malleable quality that has a potential to be developed. ‎#AYCS2013
  • Seven elements of success mind set: Desire, Commitment, Responsibility, Hardwork, Positive believing, Persistence, Performance.



‎#AYCS2013 delegate Opinion: Mugabe might have failed to nurture a new generation of leadership in his country, thats why its normally hard for him to trust anyone with ‎#ZIMBABWE ‘s leadership !

Greatness of a nation

Greatness of a nation

The greatness of a nation can be seen when older men in the villages plant shade trees, knowing very well that they shall never enjoy the shade of those trees. President Barack Obama in his inaugural speech said “The greatness of any Nation is never a given, it must be earned.” I feel awakened and from now on I will convince my circles to opt for serving others than being served, to create opportunities for African Grand Children… ‎#aycs2013

Guidance in realizing good governance

I am actually happy with one delegate from Republic of South Africa Polokoane comments on the model of democracy South Africa should have, he reminds of the notion that: we must not let the mistakes of our fathers to dictate our way of life but we must let them be part of our guidelines in realizing just governance….‎#aycs2013


Cde Khotso